This time of year, the new arrivals are calves, foals, chicks and soon, ducklings.
2015 is my 'P' year for naming the calves as I have been producing purebred Dexters for 16 yrs.  Introducing CF Halcyon with CF Peace.  The 'Q' year slipped by with 5 lovely heifers and now, in 2017, I am looking for 'R'names for 7 new arrivals.

CF Nirvana with CF Pilgrim. -you may have seen them at the Animal Nursery at the Royal Show in Sept.
Since her arrival, 5 more have arrived.  All 8 calves now up and running, 5 girls and 3 boys.

Sad news for guests who knew and loved him:
Pepe Dog died on 30.7.15.  He had undiagnosed bowel cancer and it suddenly caught up with him.  Judith is very sad.

Farms can be tough places to live sometimes.  A nasty
fox climbed the fence and killed Lucy and Brucey Goose
this week.   More sadness.

BUT- very big  new

s of another arrival - a mareema puppy arrived on Aug 14th, her job will be to stop foxes from ever harming the poultry again.  Her name is Buffy.  She was born on the 30th of May, and is, right now, just an excitable, floppy puppy with lots to learn.  Shown here at 7 weeks of age. 
Sept update - she's getting BIG and has learned to sit.  Now, in 2o17, Buffy is full grown and has a mini-pig as a companion.  

First foal of the seaso
n arrived on 24th Aug, a first foal for Dione, a rich bay filly, as Dione means 'mother of Aphrodite' - you guessed it.  Hopefully an appy like her dam.
Chemise foaled Set 27 - a black colt, called Artemis.
Now, in 2017, 2 more foals are due any moment.