All mature stallions standing at stud from September to December.  $800-$1000. Live foal guarantee.
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Bond Kid Gloves - 7.11.92
Palomino pinto, 30 3/4", Imp USA

'Kid' is keeping his figure, his movement and continues producing beautiful foals. 
When you're on a good thing stick to it!
Sire: Bond Nimrod, chestnut pinto
Dam: Bond Ogeechee, buckskin 
Fairylands King of Hearts - 15.9.92
Taffy bay pinto, 33 1/4".

'Mzuri' continues as a successful sire, producing lovely horses of good character.
Has been called Favio by a lot of guests!
Sire: Manuelito Juan Peron, buckskin
Dam: Cheyenne, taffy pinto
Ashfield Park Napoleonic Legend   5.9.99
Black, 31 1/4"

'Cole' continues to be a successful stallion, passing on his diminutive proportions and magnificent gait.  All his foals have been noteworthy, including flaxen mane/tails on his chestnut foals.
Sire: La Vista Sir Barimor Napolean, bay appaloosa
Dam: True Blue Ashlaura, chestnut

Chamel Fields Bonanza - 28.4.05
Buckskin pintaloose (rump spots), 32 1/3"

'Bon' is coming into his own, and expecting his first foals this season, having stood in the shadows of his sire, Bond Kid Gloves. He has the wonderful stride of his father and his 1/2 uncle AP Napoleonic Legend
Sire:Bond Kid Gloves, palomino pinto
Dam: Chamel Fields Rhapsody, black snowflake appaloosa
Chamel Fields Mr Legend 17.9.14
Birth Hgt: 21"

'Legend' is a 2014 foal with a lot going for him, carrying genes from all three senior stallions.   Developing as a fine young colt. 
Black buckskin
Sire: Ashfield Park Napoleonic Legend, black
Dam: Chamel Fields Chemise, buckskin
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New foals due from September.