People who have never had anything to do with horses, or serious 'real' horse riders
who've only been on their backs often ask 'What can you do with a mini?'
My answer is, 'Lots', and here are some photos to support my statement.
Breed them - CF Chemise and Piri
Brush them -CF Demi-Pointe
Tissy them up -  CF Calico Moon
Cuddle them - CF Prince of Hearts
Feed them - CF  Pirouette
Train them CF Chemise
Walk them - CF Demi Pointe

Show them - CF Pirouette

And show them - CF Chemise
Harness them up - CF Velvet Moon
Long rein them- CF Prince of Hearts
Carriage Drive for fun- Fire
Carriage Drive for fun and trophies - CF Handels Fire with driver/owner Sally Henderson at one of the many events that made Fire a champion in Victoria.

Have some fun with them CF Moonlight in Suede
Cuddle some more - CF Copper Princess

Have a companion horse CF Carina and friend

And invite them to afternoon tea. Diva & Suede
Come and play horses with Judith at Chamel Fields
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