MARES - A busy season coming up, lots of babies from Sept.
Belka Valley's Cosmic Smoke - 17.10.95 and still doing it!
Black buckskin, 35 1/2".In foal to Bond Kid Gloves for 2018.
'Mickey' is looking good despite her 23 yrs.   She is the dam of Chamel Field's first MHAA National Champion Filly, CF Windsong.

Chamel Fields Velvet Moon  -21.12.03
Golden Buckskin, 33 3/4"
'Velvet' is now in carriage, but this year is in foal to Sally's Silver.
Glenmar Park Jessica/Bond Kid Gloves

Chamel Fields Windsong - 2.12.01  SOLD
Taffy, buckskin pinto, 33 3/4"
She was Chamel Field's first MHAA Nat Champ filly and dam of another champion by Bond Kid Gloves, CF Chemise.
BV Cosmic Smoke/F King of Hearts

Chamel Fields Chemise - 6.10.07  
Buckskin, 32 1/2"
Dam of CF Mr Legend & CF Pirouette
Foaled a black buckskin colt, Artemis
CF Windsong/Bond Kid Gloves

Chamel Fields Dione -9.11.10
 Bay appaloosa, 34 1/2"
CF Rhapsody/CF Sweet William
In foal to CF Bonanza for this coming season.

Chamel Fields Copper Princess - 24.8.09
Dappled taffy, 32 "
'Princess' is well named-she acts like one. 
In foal to CF Bonanza for her first foal in 2018
CF Frueling/F King of Hearts

 Chamel Fields Papillon - 11.11.11
Chestnut, flaxen mane and tail, 32 3/4"
CF Velvet Moon/AP Napoleonic Legend
In foal to Sally Henderson's boy Silver for her first foal.

Chamel Fields Calypso  -4.10.10 SOLD
Black buckskin, 34 3/4"
BV Cosmic Smoke/F King of Hearts

Chamel Fields Ballerina - 11.12.12 SOLD
Frosted  buckskin, 2 yr hgt: 34 3/4"
BV Cosmic Smoke/F King of Hearts

Chamel Fields Demi-Pointe - 24.8.12
Liver chestnut pinto, 3 yr hgt: 31"
CF Rhapsody/CF Sweet William
In foal for her first foal with Silver.

Chamel Fields Pirouette - 3.10.12
Buckskin, 2 yr hgt: 30 1/2"
CF Chemise/ Mountain Meadow Buck By Chance
In foal to Bond Kid Gloves for a 2018 first foal.

Chamel Fields Winter Legend - 31.8.13 SOLD
Taffy pinto, 2 yr hgt: 30"
CF Windsong/AP Napoleonic Legend

Chamel Fields MissTery -  20.12.14
Liver chestnut appaloosa, Bth Hgt: 19 1/2"
CF Rhapsody/Bond Kid Gloves
Now in foal to Ashfield Park Napoleonic Legend for her first foal this coming Spring.

Phone: 08 8556 7442
This season's foals arriving from September.  And this year, an exciting bunch of them, all potentially for sale maybe with their dams.