Chamel Fields Farm Stay

Spring 2021-Haven't I been a lazy one? No, just busy. Now that I am retired, I hope to have more time to keep up with messaging and farming, and farm stay hosting and not just off property paper shuffling. Trouble is, I now have time to notice all the weeds!
Chamel Fields is half way through calving with some lovely little polled Dexters on the ground, but so far, and we are half way through with six of them, they have all been boys! Not in my game plan, ladies! Seven more to go, so hoping for a change. The good part of it is though, that all but one is polled (no horns), something I have been working towards for nearly 20 years. And the ones I have kept as bulls are superb specimens - and some are for sale - all polled.

Foaling is over for 2011. Very pleased with the bay boy, Night Magic, bay girl, Madison, and Tiffany, a blue-eyed cremello pinto filly.

CF Spring Breeze and her 1/2 brother CF Snow in Spring

These photos above are from 2019. I promise to do better from now on!

Three little maids

Can you pick the different one?