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- since 2001


The 'Adopt A Horse' Holiday is a big attraction for both kids and adults. Adopting means everything from just choosing one to call your own, which is about all a 2 year old might do, right up to learning how to train it to be a carriage horse!

There's lots of opportunity for hands on - feeding, brushing, walking, cuddling. Help Judith feed the horses, spoil the cows with carrots, collect the eggs when you feed the ducks and chooks, go for a hayride, play with your horse and suddenly, the day is gone! There is NO HORSEBACK RIDING, as the horses are too small and not trained to be ridden. Learning how to be with and understand a horse usually takes the whole weekend anyway.

Most of the horses have been adopted many times, and all love scratches, even the babies like MissTery shown here with Judith.For guests with their own horse, whether miniature or normal sized riding horses, there is a holding paddock for 'guest horses', and 40 km of riding trails in Kuitpo Forest just across the road.

See Regional Activities for off-property activities.

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