Miniature Horses

Chamel Fields is having a mini-mini-reduction sale this Spring/Summer 2021. Stallions, mares and geldings. Photos coming up soon. (see below)

People who have never had anything to do with horses, or even serious 'real' horse riders who've only been on their backs often ask 'What can you do with a mini?' My answer is, 'Lots', and here are some photos to support my statement.

Breed them - CF Chemise and Piri

Show them - CF Chemise all dolled up and a National Champion

Brush them -CF Demi-Pointe

Harness them up - CF Velvet Moon

Tissy them up - CF Calico Moon

Long rein them- CF Prince of Hearts

Cuddle them - CF Prince of Hearts

Drive them - CF Handels Fire

Feed them - CF Pirouette

Carriage Drive to win with them- CF Handels Fire with driver/owner Sally Jedarras Henderson at one of the many events that made Fire a champion in Victoria. He was bred and trained by Judith at Chamel Fields.

Train them CF Chemise

Have some fun with them -

CF Moonlight in Suede

Walk them - CF Demi Pointe

Cuddle some more - CF Copper Princess

Have them to afternoon tea. Diva & Suede (they invited themselves)

Have a companion horse CF Carina and friend

Come and play horses with Judith at Chamel Fields

Horses for Sale