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Wow! What an experience for a couple of city slicker families. I can’t think of a better way to have fun with the kids getting absolutely sopping wet and dirty – The animals were all very accommodating. Thank you very much.

I liked feeding the cows, horses, ducks and chickens as well as brushing the horses and wheelbarrow races. I also liked riding in the carriage. It was fun on the quad bike. I really liked taking the horses for walks.

Thank you for sharing your farm with us. G’s favourite event was leading her adopted horse. We’ll be back again.

Thank you so much for the most fantastic & relaxing holiday. We have all enjoyed every moment of our time here. Thank you so much for your patience and hospitality & letting us help out with all the various farm activities…….

To Judith, We love the farm……It is such a wonderful place here at Chamel Fields Farm and we don’t want to leave.

Many, many thanks for yet another memorable stay – it was, as always truly special.

I and my family had a great stay here at Chamel Fields for the second time. I love all the animals that I have met here. I enjoy most the time we spend patting, feeding and everything else we do here!

L, age 9

Thank you so much Judith, it was a pleasure to meet you. What a fabulous weekend! We were lucky enough to witness 2 births!! – What a wonderful experience for the children & for us. It was my dream! R

Thank you Judith, for an absolutely wonderful experience. It is amazing how quickly you can fall in love with these beautiful animals….Luke had a great time feeling important enough to have ‘his’ job of feeding the chickens. It was great to see him finally build up enough courage to pat the horses.

We will be back.


Dear Judith, We have all enjoyed our stay here at your charming farm. It has been a wonderful experience for all of us. The cottage is very pretty and everything we could have needed is provided, and we loved the special welcome of the flowers in every room. It has been fun watching the girls lean to care for the horses, feed the ducks and chickens.

Although you didn’t plan it, last night’s birth was a magical, memorable experience for us all – the glow of the wet newborn horse in the moonlight and seeing her running about the paddock this morning after finding her legs last night. We have appreciated all the time you have spent with us and look forward to seeing you again. The F Family

Thank you ‘Juditf’ as the girls liked to call you! We had a wonderful time. The ‘hands on’ experience was so fantastic much more than we ever expected. Thank you for your kind hospitality and patience!

We loved you little farm

That we got to know

With all your little friends

That keep you on the go.

It was fun and muddy and sloshy and at night the kids were tired and hungry but full of life, all the things we came here for. Thank you

Everyone we know

We will let them know

Of how we loved your little farm

A home away from home.


A fabulous experience for the children in a delightful setting.

Thank you, Judith for your patience and hospitality. Cheers!

Hope to see you again!

A most wonderful stay beyond all expectations, Judith. You are amazing, great rapport with the children, a lot of learning and enjoying, a lot of joy to be with. All the best in the future! See you again. L, E, A and B.

‘Perfect one day, excellent the next’, we had wonderful weather, a fantastic experience and great company. Many thanks Judith for a fantastic time.

My favourite was….. everything! The feeding of the chickens, having breakfast with the baby horse, feeding the horses……just everything. From N.

‘The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is – that little extra’. YOU and Chamel Fields have it! Thanks for everything. M

We had a fantastic time. This is our second visit and it was even better than the first………


Thank you for letting me adobed Velvet. I love Chamel Felds.

From a family of 4 unsure people to now having confidence with not only approaching horses but spending time feeding, training, grooming. Thank you so much for this experience….

Thank you for a wonderful stay. It was everything that we had hoped it would be and the farm is gorgeous……

Thank you soooo much for your hospitality in allowing us to enjoy your wonderful lifestyle. This was one of our favourite getaways, the kids definitely want to come back. We have fallen in love…….


MAGIC! We couldn’t have deamt for more from our stay here……

What a wonderful piece of paradise. You do a mighty job Judith!.....

Fantastic close up and personal experience for the kids with the animals, thank you…….

‘Peaceful and calm’ best describe our time here…….

……..’words cannot describe Chamel Fields’ its setup – its peaceful surroundings – lovely little cottage – lovely horses – beautiful & happy times for children………


Our second visit was just as wonderful as the first. We love our adopted horses & look forward to visiting again!

Thank you for showing 2 of my grandchildren so many wonderful things – horses, ducks, chooks - …….see you again with more of the grandkids at a later date!

We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the most amazing experience & we will be forever grateful. We will have some amazing memories we will be able to sharre for a lifetime. You have been patient with the kids and they adore you…….


The pony’s are adorable and I want to come azilien times more!

Thanks for a great weekend @ your farm. A truly unique & enjoyable time for all…..

Thank you so much, truly a fabulous real farm stay. We loved being involved in the feeding of the animals, seeing the baby calf being born was a real treat. You live in a beautiful spot and the cottage is comfy……

Thank you so much for restoring our heart and soul. We loved the experience & look forward to coming back again.

Our 4th time was just as great as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd……


I’ve learnt so much and will definately recomend this to my family. My favourite part was when we clean the horses shoes and groomed them. Thank you sooo much for allowing us to visit.

From E. 7 yr (I’ll be back!)

Thankyou for letting us stay with your herd of horses and cattle. A fun informative “hands on” life experience for the whole family. A really fun time was had. Your way has touched our hearts and minds for the better. The world is a better place because of you and your animal family.

Thanks Judith Love, C, M, J and M.

Dear Judith, Thank you for our best farmstay yet! You put in a lot of effort and time with the kids and us which taught us a lot. Great experience. We’ll definitely com back again!

Thanks again S, C, H and Axxx

Thank you for sharing your wonderful farm with us. We can see that it is truly a ‘labor of love’ for you. It was wonderful for us to see our 4 yr old take to farm life under your patient guidance.

Thanks so much. L, A and M, Singapore


This farm is great. I love my hourse Desi. She is so soft. J loves his hourse Fire….. We all want to come back again soon. Thank you so much for letting us stay here at this wonderfull farm. All the hourses are so cute. I love them all……This stay was so fun. Love from E and J

We had a wonderful time. 2 yr old daughter loved the animals – harassing dog and cats. Beautiful ducklings born/hatched – very moving.

Thank you for looking after us, Judith

Thank you so much for having us stay. It was so lovely and peaceful here. And exactly what we all needed. J loved being a ‘farmer’ with you for 3 days! We fell in love with so many of your animals….We will be back soon!xxx

Thanx for the awesome time. Thank you Judith I had a great time.

This weekend was as good as the other 5 were.

Thank you Judith – the time you spent with the children – just made it a special experience.

Dear Judith,

Thank you so much for a lovely weekend. The kids and I enjoyed it very much, it was great training the babys and seeing the new calf before we left.

G, M & C.


Thanks so much for a wonderful stay. It‘s been quite an experience for these city kids! Already looking forward to return visit.

T, L, S +A xxx

With much thanks from all of us for 2 wonderful days with fun of being with the horses, ducks, chickens + cows and the smell of country air.

Thank you Judith for the opportunity for our few days of quiet country living

It has been an invigorating experience for all 3 of us.

Dear Judith,

Thank you very much for the wonderful two days with you and your special animal family. We all learned a lot from you and we had so much fun!

Dear Judith, V and I want to let you know we had an amazing stay. Thank you for everything. It was nice to meet another animal lover and the way you show your animals respect and discipline is wonderful. We will surely return. We loved all your animals. Karina &Papion were beautiful and Yanthe was especially special.

Thank you Farmer Judith for letting us feed you horses, cows, chickens, ducks and a donkey. We loved the bonfire and the tractor ride. We had a lot of fun.

Dear Judith, Thank you for letting us play and feed your animals we had an awesome and loved the mud (haha) We will be back to visit soon.

Dear Judith,

Thank you so much for letting us help you with the animals and do some farm-work! I’ve learned a lot from this trip! Carina and I have really bonded and will be best friends! (In a horsey sort of way.)…..Hope to visit again soon. P age 11

Dear Judith I love your farm. It is the best farm I have been to. I like it because we got to pat all the animals and feed them. Love from D.

 ‘I had fantastic time looking after my horse Velvet. When we got here the cottage was nice and clean.

I think you had looked after everything really well.

It really was the best surprise I’ve had in ages.’ Meg 11yr

‘Thank you so much for the wonderful experience…’s been a lot of fun for all of us especially the kids!.......Once again, a BIG THANK YOU for your great hospitality!

S& S, B &C,


Thanks again Judith! Our 3rd stay with you & it was as much fun as always. Love playing and feeding the horses. Nearly got to see another calf be born!

T& S

Dear Judith, Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality & sharing your beautiful home with us. Your unending patience & joy in sharing knowledge about your farm & animals has been truly wonderful. I don’t think we have ever had a nicer holiday.

Dear Judith,

Thanks heaps for letting my family stay at the farm…….I really enjoyed feeding all the animals, brushing and grooming Papion ans Sweety and watching you train Papion, Velvet and Toby.

I think we were lucky to have been there while you had the foal Winterlegend. She was so cute and adorable when she runs around and plays.

Long reigning was heaps of fun especially when I got Sweety to trot…….

I really enjoyed it here and hope we can come back again!.....

E.C., 11 years old

Dear Judith,

Thank you for sharing you little corner of paradise with us – we loved getting to know you and all your animals! The generosity you showed towards us with your time was greatly appreciated and we take away some wonderful memories of our weekend at Chamel Fields.

Kind Regards, The V…. Family


I really like the miniature horses, especially Karina. I really want to come back but I (still) have a day and a morning, BUT I really like leading the miniature horses. I can’t wait until we groom them, when we leave I will be…..SAD! S age 9

Dear Judith,

I have had so much fun in the farm and with the 4 horses we adopted. I will really miss our 4 horses. Thanks for having us here. I will defenetly come back next year.

This is the best farm experience ever!

Take care! A.B. & j,V and S.

Dear Judith,

This is au revoir since we will definitely be back. For us, your farm is an idyllic haven of wonder and love. The kids will nag us to return, but they won’t really need to. Thank you for creating such a wonderful experience and sharing it with us. ‘

Santa, Peppi & KiCat where all very friendly. I am gonna tell all my friends about this!

To Judith We had a rily lovely time. L and H Loved there hoses they had a grate time. We love farms! L, H, D and T.

‘Thank you for a grate stay at your farm. We enjoyed to feed the animals and adopt the horses, Velvet, Triumph and Windsong. It was also great to play with the ducklings.

We will return to Denmark with new energy to take up our ‘normal’ lifes.’

Best Wishes S,S,L and A.


T is just out of intensive care after his brain surgery, and I think once he's recovered, he need a  big dose of Chamel Fields.

Thank you for our beautiful stay at your home. Our 2 year old especially loved feeding the chickens each day, even singing “Old McJudith had a farm, ei, ei, ooo” each night before bed.

It was a wonderful long weekend get away. Thank you again, The G family

Thanks again for a super weekend at your beautiful farm. We haven't stopped talking about it. Luka (aged 2 yr) is very pleased about 'Baby Luka Ducky'. She has set up some of her animal figurines this evening, and I asked her, 'Is that a zoo?' She said 'Nooo, it's a farm.' I said, 'Oh is it Judith's farm?', and she said 'Yes.'