Horses for Sale

CF Bonhomie (Bonny) - buckskin stallion, dob 28.9.17, 32.5", Dam: CF Chemise, Sire: CF Bonanza
CF Bayard (Bayley) - bay gelding - dob 17.9.18, 31" at 17/12, Dame: CF Chemise, Sire: CF Bonanza
Definitely SHOW QUALITY, only gelded as too many brothers.
CF Navado (Perley) - perlino gelding, dob 28.8.18, 31' at 18/12, mature <33", Dam:BV Cosmic Smoke, Sire: CF Bonanza
Ashfield Park Napoleonic Legend(Cole) -See below.

CF Bonhomie 'Bonny'

CF Bayard 'Bayley'

CF Navado 'Perley'
Photos taken Feb 2020, all in paddock condition at the time.

MARES AND FILLIES There will be a number of these ladies for sale after weaning and mating later next year.